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Frequently Asked Questions

Much much should my budget be?  Do you have examples of different prices?


The lowest budget we can accommodate is $350 in which we will provide a beautiful custom costume.  Higher budgets allow us freedom to really think outside the box on design, specialty fabrics and add the embellishments to make your costume stand out.  We unfortunately cannot provide pictures and prices on previously made costumes to protect the privacy of our clients.


When should I place my order?


The earlier, the better.  There is a point in late fall to early winter when we have to stop accepting orders.  Also as we get into the later part of the season, there are additional labor costs that we have to embed into the price of the costume as we do have to hire extra help for administrative and production tasks.  


How fast can you complete my order?


We place all of orders into a production schedule based on your due date.  We have always and plan on always meeting the completion of orders in a timely fashion.  Rush orders are accepted on a case by case basis with an additional fee to cover labor costs.  We ship items paid for after noon (EST), the next business day. Please email us before placing your order if that is the case.


How much will my costume be?


We don’t know that until it is finished.  Rest assured, we will always stick within your budget. 


I have no idea what kind of costume I should order.


The music selection you provide along with the age of your dancer is more than enough to provide us with designing your costume, but PLEASE take advantage of the comments section of your order form.  Pull up color charts online and tell us colors you envision, and colors you don’t see.  Think about whether you see a skirt, a leo, a two piece, or anything else.  We need as much information from you as possible.
It takes time to provide a design and sketch to you and we like to get it right the first time.


Can I get a design similar to the photo I uploaded in my order form?


We will not copy any other designer’s work.  This upload as well as any other pictures you want to send us is simply a way for us to understand and achieve your vision.


How can I make payments?


We accept all forms of payment including cash, check, credit card and Paypal.  Please note returned checks incur a $35 processing fee.  


I have no idea how to fill out my measurement sheet.


We are currently working on a tutorial video to help you with you taking your dancer’s measurements.  In the meantime, we recommend contacting your choreographer or a local seamstress.  Please make sure that “Vanity Measurements” are not provided.  We need factual measurements to make sure the costume fits your dancer.  


I have made my deposit and agreed on a design.  Will I receive updates from SoRoxy on the production process?


In general we may contact you with questions, but most cases we simply let you know when production is done with photos of the completed costume.  No worries, it will be done before your due date!


I see that you generally do solo, duo, and trio costumes.  Do you also produce group costumes?


We are open to group costumes, however we cannot compete with the prices of catalog costumes.
Our minimum price remains the same as we provide custom costumes produced within the United States.  


Do you produce bases in which we can embellish or can we provide bases that SoRoxy can embellish?


We only provide costumes start to finish.  Every costume that includes the SoRoxy tag must meet our highest standard of quality.  


Do you have any costumes in stock that are available to sell?


We generally don’t carry any costumes in stock for sale other than the sample sale costumes found in our SHOP SOROXY DESIGNS page of our website.  


We love SoRoxy!  Do you have any merchandise for sale?


Yes!  Click on the SHOP SOROXY DESIGNS page of our website.  We have eyelash cases, back packs, rhinestones and more merchandise coming soon!

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